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AWS Auto Scaling provides a great solution for High Availability for your services and applications.


  • Fault Tolerance
  • Better Availability
  • Better Cost Management

Let's look at each of these benefits a little closer:

Fault Tolerance:

AWS Auto Scaling provides fault tolerance by allow you to create policies to scale-in and scale-out your machines. If an instance becomes unhealthy it can be replaced automatically. Machines can be balanced across availability zones (AZs). This provides outage protection in the event that an AZ goes down.

Better Availability:

With Auto Scaling you don't have to guess at the amount of capacity you need. Set your policies based on any number of metrics, and allow the policies to automatically scale the group out or back in. If the load becomes too great, machines can be added. If the load on the group reduces, machines can be removed.

Better Cost Management:

All of this creates cost savings because a correctly configured auto scaling group will only use the resources it needs for the current load. If you are actively in the development process auto scaling give you the flexibility to choose the best testing/deployment method for your use case, without the cost of a dedicated development environment.

In Part 2 we will continue to look at Auto Scaling Concepts.